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Review in All About Jazz

The sonic rush that starts from the opener, "Birth Mark," and ends with the last song "Home", offers a delicate combination of flickering atmospheres, subtle orchestrations and intricate imagery. Across these 11 songs there isn't one weak or unnecessary moment to be found.

Nenad Georgievski

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posted by ERIK & GRETA  October 20, 2012 17:24  Album Reviews  comments (0)

Review in Jazznytt

For those who are familiar with Honoré's earlier work, this should be familiar music. But what makes the album a big surprise is Greta Aagres great vocal performances. Listen to for instance track 3, "Rope". Almost a classic! Or track 4 "Before Betrayal". Gorgeous! The album is beautifully produced, the sound well balanced, the compositions lovely.
- Jan Granlie

posted by ERIK & GRETA  October 10, 2012 11:38  Album Reviews  comments (0)

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