Review in Fædrelandsvennen (5/6)

Greta Aagre’s voice seduces you throughout the album; it is rich, warm an slightly mysterious. The album is wonderfully challenging if you wish to take a break from streamlined pop music. Here you are compensated well.

– Rune Slyngstad, Fædrelandsvennen (5/6)

posted by ERIK & GRETA  October 05, 2012 19:28  Album Reviews  comments (0)

Review from Nettavisen (5/6)

Greta Aagre sings with a maturity and presence that we very seldom get to experience. When the production also gives her the perfect surroundings, this album becomes somewhat of an epiphany. Her expression and Honoré and company’s music draws the listener to the edge of the chair – you don’t want to miss anything.

– Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen (5/6)

posted by ERIK & GRETA  October 05, 2012 19:25  Album Reviews  comments (0)

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